You have the security system at your home to keep intruders out, but is your home as protected as you think? Your belongings and personal being may be safe and secure, but is your home’s title secured?

Did you know every day homeowners lose ownership of their homes without ever missing a mortgage payment or real estate tax bill? These homeowners lose claim to their homes because they were the victims of title fraud.

Property fraud is a threat to all homeowners and happens when criminals steal your identify and use this information to file paperwork on your behalf to transfer your home’s title. Once fraudsters have your information, they can sell your property and steal the equity without you ever knowing.

Fortunately, our home title protection services can stop this from ever happening to you. Our home protection plans include property fraud alert and property records monitoring services. If there’s a document filed pertaining to your home or other property, we’ll alert you immediately and guide you through the process of remedying the situation.

Criminals are always looking for savvy ways to take what doesn’t belong to them, but the team at Secure Title Lock is here to protect you. Don’t become a victim of property fraud. Call us today and take advantage of our consultation services to learn more!

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